6 days ski and snowboard equipment





Reserve your 6 days ski and snowboard equipment hire for your skiing holiday in Les Carroz.  Equipment to suit your ability and budget.  As soon as you arrive your equipment will be ready for you to collect from the shop of your choice be it in the village or at the bottom of the slopes.  On arrival in the resort, an exchange coupon will be handed to you when you pick up the keys for your holiday rental.

We provide:
•    Adult packs: beginner, intermediate or advanced
•    Child and mini-kid ski packs
•    Adult and child snowboard packs
•    Adult and child helmets

Each pack includes
•    Skis + poles + boots
•    Snowboard + boots

Each pack is colour coded:
•    Green pack: basic equipment or for those who wish to try skiing/snowboarding.
•    Blue pack: mid-range equipment, or for those who have mastered the basics and who wish to explore a variety of slopes.
•    Red pack: high-end equipment, or for those with good technical and practical experience to enable them to access the whole of the ski area
•    Black pack: premium quality equipment, or for those seeking extra performance.

The added value of Les Carroz’s reservation centre: all of your extras will be handed to you when you arrive by your accommodation provider along with the keys to your accommodation.